July 2020 | Careline SOS

10 ways a community alarm can help keep your loved one safe:

1: We are always here, 24/7- rain or shine – so no matter what time of day it is, help will be at hand

2: Worn around the neck or wrist, or alarms are very discreet and can even be worn in the garden

3: We provide help and reassurance if there were an emergency and speak direct to the client

4: Fall detectors monitor movement and will send an automatic signal that your loved one has fallen and we will make immediate contact with them

5: Easy to use; just at the touch of a button, your loved one will be able to speak to one of our team members

6: A friendly bunch; we have an amazing, professional and caring team, who are dedicated to ensure our customers are kept safe

7: We also offer smoke alarms among other services, speak to us about your concerns and needs and we can find a solution

8: A CarelineSOS alarm can ensure your loved one remains independent and safe in their own home

9: The current pandemic has changed all of our lives and for some who are self- isolating or shielding, the family visits are rare and missed, so a personal alarm can provide you with the reassurance they have help on hand if they need it

10: We provide security in the event your loved one felt unsafe or needed help, if an intruder were at their home – we assess each situation and provide the necessary help