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How our alarms and support services for the elderly work

Our team of highly trained and dedicated operators provide a constant service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and they will know who is calling, where you live and have quick access to the health and personal details you provided when you joined us.

Help at the push of a button

Personal Alarms
Step 1
If you need help, all you need to do is activate your personal alarm or response alarm by pressing the button on your pendant or base unit.
Personal Alarms for the Elderly
Step 2
A signal is sent from your personal alarm to the monitoring centre and answered by an operator, who will know who you are, where you are and your emergency contact.
Response Alarms
Step 3
Using the microphone on your personal alarm, you will be able to speak to an operator.
Emergency Alarms for Elderly
Step 4
Appropriate assistance will be called to help you.
Elderly SOS alarms

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Yes, you can – if you don’t have a working telephone landline, a GPS unit can be supplied at an extra cost of £6.85 per month.

You will be connected to a member of staff at the Control Centre, who will speak directly to you through the alarm unit.

If they are unable to get a response from you, they will contact the two relatives or friends whose details you have already provided.

If they cannot make contact with either of these two people, they will phone the emergency services.

If there is a power cut in your home, CarelineSOS will still be accessible because there is a battery already supplied in both your unit and pendant which acts as a back up.

This could indicate a loss of power to the machine, or the telephone line could be faulty.  Check that the unit is plugged in and switched on properly and that it is connected to the landline.

The flashing light could also be a warning that the battery is running low and if the alarm unit makes an audible bleeping sound, this could indicate that you are also experiencing a power cut so you will need to check your electricity supply.

If your alarm unit’s battery is low, the CarelineSOS office will automatically be alerted and will reset your unit so the light stops flashing.  They will then be in touch to advise you regarding changing of the batteries.

No, your pendant should not be immersed in water.  However it is splash-proof so can be worn in the shower.

Go back through the steps and make sure you have put all the cables into the correct positions.   It is common to plug the leads into alternative sockets where the unit will work but not the phone.

You may already have an ADSL filter plugged in to your telephone socket.  If so, this is where you will unplug your telephone from, and then plug the alarm unit into.

You shouldn’t experience any disruption to your internet connection during the installation process, however please check your Wi-Fi is working afterwards.

No, the pendant works within 75 feet of the main unit.

You can have a keysafe for your own personal benefit, for example for occasions where you lock yourself out.

However, it is essential that you also have two named keyholders (usually relatives, friends or trusted neighbours) who either have their own key to your home, or access to your keysafe, who will be contacted to enter your property if required in an emergency situation.

CarelineSOS staff do not respond to call outs so are not able to personally access properties via the keysafe and whilst emergency services are able to force access, this is a very last resort.

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Happy customers

Stroke of luck

“I pressed my Careline button as I had had a fall and didn’t know what to do. I must admit I was quite rude to Christine, who answered my call, as I didn’t want to go hospital but, having spoken with my neighbour and asking her to check if my face was drooping and if I could move my arms, she insisted on calling an ambulance. It turns out I had suffered a stroke and went on to stay in hospital for 3 weeks. Thank you for acting so efficiently.”

Pat White

‘Magic button’ to the rescue!

“Just two days after joining up to CarelineSOS, I had a fall at home (breaking my femur, needing a plate and screw). I was wondering what on Earth I was going to do when I remembered my magic button – oh the relief! – I had my family with me in minutes. Much nicer than sitting on the floor all night, so thank you Careline”

Paul Smith

Quick-thinking CarelineSOS call-handler scares off burglar

In October 2018, call-handler Kevin responded to an alarm activation from an address in Billericay, Essex, where the resident was scared by a man trying to forcefully gain entry to his home. Raising his voice through the speaker on the Home Unit, Kevin addressed the would-be burglar, telling him that police were on their way. The man fled the scene and the resident was left unhurt, if rather shaken, by the incident.

Betty Johnson

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