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Personal Alarms for the Elderly

If you live alone and you’re elderly or disabled, it’s especially important to ensure that you feel safe in your own home. A personal alarm for the elderly can help you feel secure and independent in your home for longer. From just £16.33 per month

Disabled or convalescing patients are reassured by personal alarms

If you’re disabled or recovering from time in hospital having a personal alarm can reassure you and your family that you’re safe and if you have a fall or have an accident, help is close at hand.

Personal alarms and fall detectors

We offer a range of options and packages for personal alarms and fall detectors with full support services that can help you remain in your home and keep your independence a little longer.

Our personal alarms offer reassurance and real support in the event of an emergency

When you live alone, you can suffer a fall, an accident, a sudden illness or even be threatened by an intruder in your home. Often it might just be that you’ve become a bit less able and need some sort of cover in place in an emergency. Our personal alarms mean that you can always get help quickly in an emergency.

Personal alarms reduce worry and risk

If you have an elderly or disabled parent or relative, a personal alarm installed in their house can mean that you worry less about their welfare and it ensures that a parent feels less of a burden on family members as well.

We offer a fast reliable 24/7 support service with our personal alarms

Whatever the time, day or night, weekends and bank holidays, we provide an easily accessible, prompt reliable emergency support service for the elderly and disabled via our personal alarms. Our confidential personal alarm support services operate every day, all day, all year. So, when you have one of our personal alarms in place, you know that every emergency is always covered.

Benefits of our personal alarm service

  • 24 hour a day personal alarm response
  • Our expert personal alarm team is always able to help
  • Affordable pricing for elderly alarms, response alarm, fall detectors and personal alarm support services
  • We give you peace of mind, as you know that should your loved one have an emergency; help is just the push of a button away

We offer a variety of personal alarms including wrist and pendant alarms with fall indicators so that help can be sent promptly if your relative has a fall in their home.

We’re happy to provide further information on all the personal alarms and support services we provide so just call us now on 0800 833 162, our friendly team will be happy to help.

Buy your Personal Alarm Now

Our SOS personal alarm service offers the following benefits:

  • We provide 24 hours a day response to our personal alarms and fall detectors

    Our ultra-fast, responsive team are always ready to help in an emergency
  • Affordable pricing for elderly alarms, response alarms and our support services

    Our response alarms and personal alarms for the elderly offer simple price plans that are designed to suit all budgets
  • Safety and peace of mind for the elderly or disabled in their own homes

    Our support services offer peace of mind from knowing that you or your loved ones can call upon help at any time just be pushing a button on a personal alarm

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Happy customers

A Life Saver

I would like to thank you all for the great service you provided when mum needed it, it was literally a life saver I think. All the staff were so polite, helpful and empathetic every single time they spoke to me too, so huge thanks.


Stroke of luck

“I pressed my Careline button as I had had a fall and didn’t know what to do. I must admit I was quite rude to Christine, who answered my call, as I didn’t want to go hospital but, having spoken with my neighbour and asking her to check if my face was drooping and if I could move my arms, she insisted on calling an ambulance. It turns out I had suffered a stroke and went on to stay in hospital for 3 weeks. Thank you for acting so efficiently.”

Pat White

‘Magic button’ to the rescue!

“Just two days after joining up to CarelineSOS, I had a fall at home (breaking my femur, needing a plate and screw). I was wondering what on Earth I was going to do when I remembered my magic button – oh the relief! – I had my family with me in minutes. Much nicer than sitting on the floor all night, so thank you Careline”

Paul Smith

Quick-thinking CarelineSOS call-handler scares off burglar

In October 2018, call-handler Kevin responded to an alarm activation from an address in Billericay, Essex, where the resident was scared by a man trying to forcefully gain entry to his home. Raising his voice through the speaker on the Home Unit, Kevin addressed the would-be burglar, telling him that police were on their way. The man fled the scene and the resident was left unhurt, if rather shaken, by the incident.

Betty Johnson

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